Friday, August 27, 2010

Thirteen Months

Well I think it is safe to say that Tori is officially a toddler. She wants to walk every where, especially when we'd rather her be in a stroller or cart. She's even starting to run, walk backwards, and spin in circles. She is learning more words, her favorites are doggie, ball, and daddy. She will say kitty and duck occasionally. Tori still sucks her thumb quite a bit, but lately she's started carrying around a blanket also (yes, Linus-style). She also loves to do summersaults (she stands up, puts her head on a pillow, and waits for you to push her over and clap.) Her hair is finally coming in enough for pig tails!!!! She looks so big in her tennis shoes with her hair done!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting into Trouble!

Sure she looks like an angel when she's sleeping.....We have been letting Tori roam the main floor now that its "baby-proof." She has toys all over the place and loves to get them all out and play. I started to think she was being too quiet and I found her in the bathroom with her bouncy ball in the toilet and the entier roll of toilet paper on the floor! She was only out of my sight for a couple of minutes!! Look what I found mom!! Its the very end of the toilet paper (it was hiding under all the rest of the toilet paper!)
NO COMMENT!!!! (No more incriminating pictures!)About an hour later I put her in the baby seat that attaches to the table and gave her some crackers while I started dinner. I guess she decided the wanted the whole box of crackers because she climbed out of the seat belt and onto the table!! I turned around and she was sitting on the table!! Ack!!!
This kid has a wierd obsession with dog treats... We catch her trying to get into the doggy cabinet constantly! She gets so upset when we take them away...Helping me put away the groceries :)Gotta get that can all the way at the bottom of the bag!
Our lives are so full of adventures, and we never know what she'll be up to next!!!!