Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On a Roll!!

Watch out world, Victoria is now mobile!! She rolled over for the first time this morning with Nana Rose and once she figured it out she rolled everytime we put her on her belly. Here is a video of her third roll :P She is 10 weeks old today!! The milestone chart on babycenter.com says that rolling from front to back is an advanced activity for a 3 month old. She is such a strong baby, maybe Brian will get his athlete afterall!

Our Little Pumpkin ~ Spang Visit

Aunt Carole and Uncle Walt came to visit from Texas for a few days. They just left this morning and I miss them already! We missed Steph and Laurie and their families, we can't wait to see you all next summer!!Napping on Aunt Carole (in matching pj's!)
"Dear Motorcycle Santa, all I want for Christmas is..."We spent an afternoon at the Apple Barn, we wanted to go apple picking but their insurance won't allow it anymore. We did get to play in the pumpkins though. They have the most amazing apple cider, apple-cinnamon doughnuts, fudge, and caramel apples!Daddy's little pumpkin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Splish Splash!

I can't believe how much Tori has changed in the past 2 months! She is really starting to get a little personality. She LOVES bath time!! She wiggles around and splashes, she's just too cute for words so I'm posting videos :)

She loves her daddy. She holds his arm when he walks around with her (she won't do this with anyone else). She is such a sweet baby!!

Our poor little girl has been sick with her first cold all week and she got her first round of vaccines on Tuesday. She looked so sad for 2 days but now has perked back up. Its amazing how many boogies you can suction out of such a tiny nose! At her dr's appointment she weighed 11 pounds 7 ounces and is 22 inches long.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scott and Braden's Visit

We really enjoyed Scott (Brian's brother) and his son Braden's visit from Texas. Catherine, we missed you! I don't think they could have crammed one more thing into the weekend! The big boys played 3 rounds of golf and went to a Cubs-Cards game while Braden spent quality time with his Illinois family.
Spending time with Grandma Pam

The Davis boysSwinging with Uncle Brian
The boys fed apples to cows at Grandpa Jim and Grandma Gina'sIt wouldn't be a Davis weekend without lots of sports. The big boys playing whiffle ball at the park and basketball while Tori roots them on.
Uncle Brian dressed up as Spiderman for Braden :)Bye-bye!! We had a great time, it was so nice to spend some time with Scott and Braden! We hope you enjoyed your trip and we look forward to seeing all three of you at Christmas!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Swingset fun

Tori spent most of the weekend with daddy and spent time with Nana Rose and Grandma Pam because I was not feeling well. Here are a few pictures of father~daughter time. Watching Tori didn't keep Brian from playing a few video games
We have been working on cleaning up the swingset in our backyard. With the help of Brian's dad we powerwashed the whole thing (it is now a completely different color!). We also repainted a few pieces and watersealed all the wood. Once it was all done Brian took Tori out to "play"
Sort of random but while Im bragging on my husband, Brian also hung pendant lights in the kitchen a few weeks ago, I must say they look awesome! (They were just recessed lights over the island before)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Smiles, cooing and batting at toys

Our baby girl is getting so big! She is really starting to smile and coo a lot. She sits in her bumbo chair like a big girl, if she's tired she starts to slouch over to one side but most of the time she sits up with its help. She's also starting to have more active learning time where she will look at and bat at toys. She won't do it for long but I try to play or sing silly songs to her whenever she's alert. She also loves to talk to daddy on the phone when he's at work. She knows his voice, its too cute! She's growing up too darn fast!!

I included the end of this video because it makes me laugh every time :P

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicago ~ Navy Pier

We spent our last day at Navy Pier. When we first got there it was so foggy and cold, we were so worried that we hadn't brought warmer clothes but it ended up being a beautiful day. We started with a spin on the giant ferris wheel. At the top we were surrounded by fog, we couldn't even see the buildings!
We walked around the indoor attractions for a while hoping that the fog would lift. The Crystal Gardens are located in a huge greenhouse on the pier.
This is kind of a funny story. Just after running up to touch the water, this sneaky fountain started squirting from the ground! It almost got me! Then of course we had to play in it and try to jump through the water. We stood around for a while and laughed as the same thing happened to several other people.

I took Tori on her first carousel ride.

All of a sudden the fog lifted and it was nice and sunny and warm! So we decided to end our day with a short boat ride around the harbor. The Chicago skyline in beautiful!!