Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 months

Little Miss Tori has made huge strides in starting to talk in the past month. After spending a week with Braden she picked up saying "Uh-Oh." It's SOOO cute and she knows to say it when she drops (or throws) something. She also says something that sounds like "daddy" and sometimes when you ask her a question she answers "yeah." She has also been saying "er-ul" and we think she's trying to say turtle (Braden's favorite word). She started waving to everyone and gets such a big smile on her face when they wave back. She also LOVES to dance. I'm working on editing a video of her dancing to post, she bobs her head to the music and sometimes shakes her tush while she's in the crawling position when she hears a song she likes. :) She has learned how to blow with her tongue out to make a tooting sound and she does that pretty frequently now. She's such a happy girl and is always giggling and smiling. She brings so much joy to our family! We love her so much!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation to Texas

Tori's First plane ride! We were so worried about how we were going to keep her entertained on the flight, we packed lots of toys and snacks to keep her busy but she ended up sleeping most of the way there :)We spent the first few days with Brian's brother Scott and his wife Catherine and son Braden. The kids are finally getting old enough to play together! They're so sweet to watch, and Braden did great sharing all his toys. We has a great time on the river walk, playing mini golf, frisbee golf, and playing with the kids.

Then we spent a few days with my side of the family. We stayed with my cousin Laurie and her husband Gary and mom and Jeff stayed with cousin Stephanie and her husband Luis and son Caleb. We spent a whole day in Fredricksburg, a quaint little town with tons of shops and boutiques, went swimming, and hung out with my Aunt Carole. Cousin Steph also took us to the Alamo and to Rainforest Cafe on the River Walk.
For the last part of our trip, we all got together and rented a beach house in Rockport! That was so much fun!! We spent lots of time relaxing at the beach and fishing off the porch! What a great way to spend time with our Texas family!!! We hope to do it again soon!!

Waiting to fly home :)

Baby Geese!!

We have 12 baby geese in the pond in our neighborhood!! We've been walking to the pond every evening to feed them and they've gotten so comfortable with us that we can feed the mom and dad by hand! If you give Tori a piece of bread now she rips it up and throws it on the floor ;) I thought my baby was growing before my eyes, but these babies seriously grow every day!! We just came back from vacation and they're hardly fuzzy any more!

Backyard Shenanigans

We love spending time in the backyard, especially when the neighborhood kiddos stop by. Its non-stop action with these kids, and Tori just sits back and watches them run around. She loves to be pushed in the swing and get slide rides by our neighbors' son Will.

A change from the usual Indiana Jones, Batman is in my backyard! Sweet little Willa!
Tori loves splashing the water in the dog bowls, so I figured I'd take her outside with a pan of water and let her go crazy. This is now one her favorite things to do on nice days :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Trip to the Magic House

Here are a few pictures from the Magic House in St Louis. They were renovating the Magic House the last few years that we were living there so we wanted to see what had changed. They added a ton but still have all the exibits I remember from when I was a kid.They have a new "giant beanstalk" for kids to climb on. Tori loved it, she's been climbing the stairs the past few weeks and she took right to climbing up the leaves of the beanstalk.Playing with blocks in the toddler area.
Uncle Jeff! Finally putting all that hair to good use.
Blowing bubbles with daddy in the bubble room.
Thay had a whole exibit where you dress up like characters from Tom Sawyer. I think Brian may have enjoyed this one more than Tori :)
Oh no! Four Tori's!!!!
They also had a rooms where kids dress up and act like they're working. There was a Schnucks, a pizzaria, a library, a bank, and even the oval office!

The Magic House was full of fun places to play in and hide, I'm sure Tori will really love it in a few years.