Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Working on the house

We're trying to get as much work done to the house as possible before our bundle of joy comes. We took on the huge project of repainting the majority of the inside of our house, which includes a 2 story entry way, stair case, kitchen, dining room, and several hallways. We used voc-free paint so its ok for pregnant women and children to be around and its healthier for everyone since there's no chemical fumes. The project has gone fairly quickly only because we had a lot of help from family. Scott and Catherine took time out of their busy schedule while they were visiting and helped us with the entry way and stairs. My brother Jeff has been here helping every day on his Christmas break from ISU and my mom Rose painted a lot of the baseboards and trim. Thank you so much! The whole house looks so much brighter and cleaner, we love it!


Baby davis is already getting Christmas gifts from Santa! Santa brought a Cardinals stocking full of baby gifts (including an Illini bib and newborn booties). Baby also got a blanket from Uncle Jeff, a christening blanket and outfit Nana Rose, and a package of diapers and some butt paste from cousin Braden. Mom-to-be also got some maternity pajamas from hubby and Grandma Pam and a gift card to a maternity store from Grandpa Jim! Thanks so much everyone! We can't wait to use all the gifts!

Our favorite part of the hollidays is that Brian's brother Scott and his wife Catherine come from Texas every year. This year they had a new addition with them, baby Braden. He's getting so big! He has such a contageous smile, and he's so darn cute! We hope to see them again soon!!

11 week sonogram

It's almost 2 inches long now and starting to look like a baby! I can't believe how big it has gotten in the past 6 weeks, we have gone from the size of a small seed to a small lime! What's amazing is that over the next 9 weeks the baby will put on 30 times its current weight and will double in length over the next 3 weeks. Now that all the organs are formed it will start growing like crazy! In just a little over a month I will start to be able to feel movement and we'll be able to learn the sex of the baby from an ultrasound.
We graduated from the specialist, they gave us some good-bye gifts and a lot of hugs. It will be so hard not to get our weekly visits. but at least we will be able to relax and just be a normal pregnant couple. The baby is really starting to move a lot now. In the video you can see the whole thing shake, that's because the doctor pushed on my stomach to wake the baby up. It's neat to see it react to outside influence already. Only 6 1/2 more months and we'll get to meet our baby!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

10 week sonogram

We finally got to see the baby move! I drank a liter of orange juice before our appointment and boy did it work. The doctor couldn't even get a measurement this week because it was moving its legs so much but it should be around an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half. The baby was laying sort of sideways so the picture didn't turn out well. The head is to the left facing down, you can see both legs. The heart was beating at 173 bpm, so it has slowed down a little. Brian recorded the sonogram so I could post clips for everyone to see. The baby danced for us while the poor doctor was trying to get the heartbeat. We have one more sonogram next week with the specialist, the off to the ob!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

9 week sonogram

Our baby looks sort of like a hamster with a big head! Its over an inch long already (about the size of a grape). The heart is pounding at 185 bpm! The nurse upset Brian by telling him she'd bet its a girl based on such a fast heart beat. We won't know until Febuary for sure but the Davis' are still sure its a boy. We were hoping to see some movement this time, but nothing yet. I'm going to drink some orange juice before the next appointment to hopefully spur on some wiggling. :D We finally were told to make our ob appointment, but we have to wait until the second week in January. Until then we will continue to get weekly sonograms. This will be the most photographed baby ever!

8 week sonogram

We have arms and legs!!! I think it looks like a gummy bear, Brian thinks its a sour patch kid =P The baby is the size of a kidney bean (about 0.7 inches). The baby's heart is pumping strong at 174 bpm. We also got to see the little spine for the first time at this appointment.

7 week sonogram

The baby almost doubled in size from week 6 to week 7! It's now the size of a blueberry (about a half inch). Its not in a good position for a picture, but it looks like a little shrimp. The tiny heart is beating at around 160 bpm.

6 week sonogram

We had our first sonogram at 6 weeks 1 day. We were so nervous to see if our baby was doing ok. Every thing looked great!! We got to see our baby's heart beat for the first time, it was love at first sight!! The baby looks like a little jelly bean and its soooo tiny. It is the size of a lentil (about a quarter inch). We will continue to get weekly sonograms until the specialist thinks we're ready to go on to the ob.

How it all started!

After close to a year of trying to start a family we started seeing a fertility doctor and after 2 rounds of clomid and progesterone my blood draws were promising but we didn't know for sure. November 6th I had a good feeling so I took a hpt and it came back faintly positive... we were optimistic! November 7th I took a second test, digital this time, and it came back PREGNANT within just a few seconds! We were ecstatic!! A blood test later that day confirmed the diagnosis, with a strong level (showing very healthy development). Three days later they repeated the blood draw to make sure the levels were going up, they more than doubled in that time (meaning its a very healthy pregnancy!).