Saturday, March 27, 2010

~Happy Easter~

We celebrated Easter today since I have to work next weekend. Brian got up early and hid eggs for Tori to find :) We came downstairs to a little surprise Easter egg hunt! Tori found her first Easter egg!! She's been very grabby lately so the hunt was perfect!! She did great getting all the eggs, as soon as she saw one she would go for it.This basket is still empty! There's still more eggs to find!Found egg number 2! This one was a little difficult for Tori to get but after a few minutes of trying she finally got it!She's doing so great pulling up and standing, she even started letting go for a few seconds at a time yesterday!!! She looks around so proud standing by herself then after a few seconds she starts to panic and look for something to grab, its so cute to watch her.Found another egg!! After a little nap and an outfit change the hunt was back on!After the hunt she got her basket full of toys :)Then we spent the rest of the day playing with bunnies and plastic eggs.

My baby Easter bunny!!!! Soooo stinkin cute!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

8 months old

Tori has changed SO much in the past few months. Since January she has cut 6 teeth, had 2 ear infections, thrush, roseola, and is just getting over a nasty little cold. Sleep has been a commodity lately but we're finally back on schedule, now if we can just stay healthy for a little bit. Tori is crawling all over the place, she loves to chase the dogs, dump over buckets of toys, and play in the dog bowls. She's pulling up on everything she can reach, especially her toy table. We're having trouble giving her baths right now because she keeps trying to pull herself up on the side of the tub and gets upset when she slips back into the water. She still loves to eat, and she's doing really well eating big girl foods. She gets upset if you eat something and don't share with her :) She is already in love with shoes (we're so in trouble!). She will crawl down the hallway if she sees a pair on shoes on the floor to play with them and into my closet to pull all my shoes off of the shoe racks. As you can see from the above picture one of the pugs (Jordan) loves Tori and is always right next to her, the other pug (Daisy) is a little less in love with Tori but they get along. Tori loves watching them play and giggles at them constatly. It won't be long before she's running after them and drving them crazy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome spring!

Yay for spring finally arriving!!! Today was beautiful so we spent the majority of the day outdoors soaking up some sun shine. Tori is getting such a personality and definitely lets you know what she wants. She loves swinging, she smiles the whole time. She even starts to kick her legs and babble as soon as we start walking toward the swing set.
We played on the main part of the play place for the first time today. She loved spinning the tic tac toe pieces.Warning: some flowers were harmed in the making of this photograph :)We went for lots of trips around the backyard in her car. Many were courtesy of some older neighborhood kiddos. Its always so amazing in the spring to see how much they have all grown!To make spring official we even got matching pedicures (by mommy of course!). Then we finished off the day with a nice long run with daddy and Tori in the jogging stroller.
What a perfect day! Having Tori in our lives changes every season so much! I used to love spring because it meant I could be out in the garden working and enjoying all the flowers. Now I love it for everything we were able to do outside today as a family :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Girl!!

Tori would like everyone to know that after this weekend, she is officially a big girl. She spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Davis' Friday night, her first night away from her parents. Then Saturday she got her EARS PIERCED! Brian keeps saying she looks so much older with them pierced. She did great, only cried for a few seconds then she was more interested in the sucker we brought for afterward. Then on Sunday she started CRAWLING!!! Oh my goodness what a weekend!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Monster

This is def the creepiest thing that Tori has done so far.... she growls at you! She will be smiling and happy and just look at you and make the scariest sound. Brian keeps saying he's waiting for her head to start spinning!

Little stinker

Tori is getting into everything. She LOVES her walker and has mastered turning corners, backing up, and positioning herself so she can play with anything that's within reach. The hand towel that used to stay on a bar below the kitchen sink was the first thing to go. Now, I will be cooking dinner and find her in the laundry room trying to get at the clothes baskets or I will be doing laundry and find her pulling on the blinds on the back door. She doesn't know the meaning of "no" yet so we just have to laugh and enjoy this phase. It won't be long now until she's getting into the kitchen cabinets and then nothing is safe.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silly Girl

Here are a few pictures for the past week. Tori has started sticking her tongue out and wiggling her head back and forth when she gets excited. Its so funny to watch. She has been dragging these valentine's day balloons around for weeks... One is now floating around on our ceiling because she ripped off the string. :)
Sleepy baby

Tori constantly steals the remote from me. I have to switch it to DVD mode so she doesn't change all the settings on the TV. She also likes to steal the phone from me while I'm talking to people. I have lost count of how many times she's hung up on Brian, Oops!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pulling up

Tori is pulling herself up to stand! Time to move the crib mattress down! She is also sooooo close to crawling. She pulls herself onto her knees and looks like she's going to crawl but just rocks and gets frustrated. She hasn't quite figured out how to move forward yet. Brian has been crawling around the house trying to show her how its done :)