Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

The Lego FamilyWe painted pumkins on Saturday instead of carving so Tori could decorate her own. My artists :) Good thing we used washable paint for Tori's pumpkin! She knew just what to do so soon as we put the paint in front of her!Grandma Pam with her super cute Mickey Mouse pumpkin (the ears are little pumpkins!)All the finished pumpkins. Brian made the Rams Symbol this year and I made a scare crow.Saturday evening Gpa Jim and Gma Gina stopped by with the kids in their costumes. Getting three kids to stand still with costumes on was much more of a challenge than we anticipated!Sunday afternoon we went to the Illinois state museum for their halloween event. We explored a bat cave, touched a bug, and got lots of stickers and pencils! Tori also made a pet spider!We ended the weekend with a little trick-or-treating at the neighbor's houses! What a great weekend!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

15 Months

Tori had her 15-month appointment a couple of weeks ago, complete with 4 shots that she was not happy about. She is 20 pounds 12 ounces and 31 inches tall (18Th percentile for weight and 69Th percentile for height) and doing very well with words and motor skills. She loves to run up and down the hallways in our house, can point to her nose and belly and has 8 words that she says consistently. We were surprised to find out that she had another double ear infection since she was showing no symptoms. She has not gone more than three months without an ear infection since she was born so her pediatrician is pushing for her to get tubes. We opted for a recheck to see if there is still fluid in her ears after the infection is resolved before we make an appointment with an ENT. She is a happy little toddler, very curious and always getting into things. She loves her music class to we go to every Thursday, she wonders around and dances and sings. Her favorite part is at the end of class when they play with scarfs.My little helper's new thing is helping me unload the dishwasher. She will go back and forth from the dishwasher to the silver ware drawer and put every single piece in (its quite a reach and mommy has to straighten up afterwards). She is doing really well with the "lets put everything away" game with her toys also. Playing some ball in the back yard.

Poor, sweet Jordan, she lets Tori do anything to her. This is after Tori "put her to bed" like she does with her doll. hehe.
Tori playing with her friend Mason, "reading" him a book :)
Before bed :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Little Pumpkin

We went to the apple barn last weekend and picked our pumpkins. I looked back at our pictures from last year and couldn't believe how much our little pumpkin has grown in just a year! 2009
We just couldn't leave without some snacks. Tori drank most of her nana's apple cider slush and split a caramel apple with mom :)
Then the next day we met Shelly, her sister Melanie, and baby Olivia at a pumpkin patch in town to shop for some more pumpkins. I think Tori and Olivia enjoyed the bumpy ride in the wagon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

14 1/2 Months

Miss Tori LOVES bath time. Brian was filling the tub the other night and she climbed in clothes and all! Bubbles baths are the best :)

She's working on putting her own shoes on! Now if only she'd keep them on...
My little dare devil. She runs to the slide and jumps on it head first!Tori had a nasty cold (yes, again) for about a week. Shes such a good medicine taker and loves the way it tastes. She pulled a medicine bottle and syringe out of her baby bag and tried to do it herself. Future pharmacist?Noodle stash!
Eating off a plate like a big girl! (Most of this food ended up on the floor, but she did all the work herself!)

Tori is becoming very independent. She doesn't even want to hold our hands when she walks anymore unless shes going up or down stairs. She definitely knows what she wants. She's getting such a personality. She laughs randomly, especially when she's in her car seat, and she still eats just about everything we give her. She may chew for a second, pull it out of her mouth, look at it, and put it back in her mouth but she usually eats it. She loves music and loves to dance, clap, and stomp her feet. She's so much fun!

Such a doll!

Tori got to spend a little time with her friend Olivia last weekend and she loved it. She shook rattles for her and just wanted to watch her the whole time. Since then she has been carrying around the baby doll her great aunt Carole got her for Christmas last year. She's obsessed with wrapping the baby in a blanket and carrying her around the house. She even holds her over her shoulder and burps her. :) We went to a wedding over the weekend and the baby had to come with us. She held her through most of the ceremony and when she gets home each day she looks for her. My baby already has a baby, uhg I feel old! :)