Tuesday, December 28, 2010

17 Months

I'm a little late but I like to give an update on how Tori's changing every month.  She's still doing great with the tubes, we've only been to the doctor for healthy checkups since she got them!  Yay!!!  We spent most of last winter at the Dr's office for sick visits, ear infection re-checks, or to get a different antibiotic.  Her favorite word right now is "shoe."  She's not a huge fan of pants but loves to run around in a shirt with socks and shoes.  She now has an opinion about everything!  From what she wants to wear, to what shoes, to what to eat, and she gets very upset when she doesn't get her way!

Tori was so excited to get to spend a morning with Judson!  He is the son of my best friend growing up, Heather, who has spent the last 3 years as a missionary overseas.  The last time we got to see each other we were both very pregnant!  They did a good job playing next to each other, but sharing was a challenge. :)  Tori did enjoy pushing him in her little pink car.
My silly girl!

 One of Tori's new pretend games it to pack up any bag she can find, throw it over her should, wave, say goodbye, and walk out of the room.  :) 

 She loves bath time more and more!

Sledding at Pasfield golf course.  We stuck to the kiddie hills but you can still pick up some serious speed!  We look a little goofy but we stayed toasty with lots of layers and hot cocoa waiting in the car. Tori really seemed to enjoy going down hills this year instead of just being pulled around the yard!

 Tori's best friends sitting just outside of the bathroom while Tori is in the tub.  They follow her around all day long (usually because she's always carrying around snacks of some kind and dropping pieces on the floor).  She yells "Daisy!" at least every hour to get her attention to play or give her a treat.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Rams!

We went to the Rams game over the weekend with Miss Tori, Uncle Jeff, and Bob.  We weren't sure how Tori would do with all the noise and chaos but she LOVED it!  She danced every time they played music and she sat and actually watched most of the game!!  We had great seats, we were right behind the field goal just 7 rows back.  Every time they kicked a field goal I flinched :)  We had a great time, the only damper was that we, of course, lost.  Tori's streak continues, we've yet to win a game she's been to (Cardinals or Rams). 

Cutest Rams fan ever!
Look how close they are!  (no telephoto lens here)
  What is it with boys and football? 

Eating popcorn and feeding mom and dad :)
If you don't know my husband well, he has to touch everything.  Here he's touching the pads on the side of the field.
A few seconds later I look over and Tori's touching the pads :) 
We had a great time!!  GO RAMS!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Potato Masher

This was yet another "oh Tori...." moment. I feel like I've been saying that more and more often lately. She decided she wanted to feed herself her mashed potatoes and she, of course, made a huge mess. :) She acts offended now when we try to feed her so I've been sticking to more finger food types but I was in the mood for mashed potatoes.
And this is what happened.... I thought she looked cute with food on her face so I snapped a picture, not expecting this to be the cleanest picture to come.  And then the bowel went on her head....Again...And Again....The final result :) I had to use detangler spray to comb through that hair after her bath!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Congrats Scott and Catherine!!

Brian's brother Scott and his wife Catherine welcomed baby Cole Matthew Davis on December 13th. He was 7 pounds, 19 inches and doing well! We can't wait to go visit him and his big brother Braden in Texas in a couple of months and also meet my new cousin baby Ryan Rivas! We have a very small family so to have 2 new babies in one year in a big deal! Such a precious blessing from God!
(photo stolen from Catherine's facebook page)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Snow! We've had a few flurries but today we had the first real snow of the season.
Sledding with Tori.
It was so windy the bird feeder was swinging all over the place. Crazy birds! Shouldn't you be hiding in a bush somewhere?
Making some Christmas crafts.
We've had lots of geese and birds migrating and every time Tori sees a group flying out the car window or in the back yard she gets so excited and yells "WHOA!" or jumps around and points. So I thought we should put out some seed and the birds attacked the feeder before we could even get inside, which she loved since they were so close. So we went for a walk and collected a couple of pine cones and made some old fashioned bird feeders with peanut butter and rolled in seeds for our birdie friends. What a fun little project!
Just 3 weeks into having tubes she already has another double ear infection! Her ears are draining like crazy again so she's getting drops in her ears three times a day. We finished one bottle and she was playing with it. She went right to her baby and put drops in her ears :) Such a good mommy!She's also started putting her baby in the booster seat and feeding her (I haven't broken the news to her yet that babies don't eat crackers). :)Oh Tori! She must have found a box of hot cocoa packets in the pantry (she can open the door now and pull things off the bottom shelves). She managed to tear one open and dump it on the floor. I found her drawing in the "sand." Its amazing how quickly she can get herself into such a mess!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Visit with Santa

My Christmas Angel Waiting in line to see the big man!We sat down with Tori and Santa first just in case Tori didn't feel like sitting on Santa's lap.And good thing too.... oh my! Even after talking to him for a couple of minutes and a few pictures she didn't want anything to do with being left alone with Santa :)Goodbye's and a hug later she calmed down a bit.She liked this Santa much better. Don't worry, she didn't eat the whole thing (shared with mom and dad) but she wouldn't let anyone take the last little bit away from her! We weren't sure after how she did with Santa if she would be ok riding in the Christmas train since we couldn't go with her. It was only $1 so we figured if she didn't want to get on, no big deal. She sat in the engine with a couple of other kids. She let us put her on the seat and walk away which we were very surprised about.
And she LOVED it! She smiled and waved and giggled the whole time! She cried when it was over :)Here are a few pictures goofing off infront of the tree. We have the "Christmas room" blocked off with baby gates because once she's in there its like a tornado hits! She rips open gifts, pulls all the bows off the boxes, yankes down all the ornaments she can reach and shoves them in the gift bags (someone may get an extra gift this year, I think Im still missing a few!). We can't wait to see what she does Christmas morning!