Monday, February 27, 2012

My Sweeties

Lizzi's jammies say it all! :)
Tori has been wearing her bitty baby around the house all the time since we started carrying the twins in the bjorn and moby wraps.  She will be such a good mommy some day!
Our babies :)

Tryimg to get Tori to take a nap............She decided she must sleep between both babies!

Tori can hold the twins pretty well by herself (supervised of course!). 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hi Guys!

The twins are three weeks old now and starting to be awake during the day more and more.  They are still good babies (especially Liam) and sleep great most nights.  Liam is a little trooper, you almost never hear him fuss!  Lizzi is a little more fussy but still not bad.  We really were expecting many sleepless nights and we've really only had 2 so far that they got on different schedules and didn't sleep for their long stretch at the same time.  Thankfully Tori hasn't woken yet either (I was so afraid she would hear them cry in our room and want to "help out").

Hi Guys!!!  My eyes are open!! :) 
And they're closed again....  Holding hands! *Love*  These outfits are both newborn size but so big on my little twinkies.  Onesies are so long on them and the waist of the pants are so loose, even after I roll the waist.  I think Tori was out of newborn size already at this point! 

I love it when they are alert and just looking around.  They like hanging out propped up in boppy pillows.
Lunch time!  I try to pump once a day for Brian to give them bottles.  He likes to be able to feed them and we think its good for them to get used to going from breast to bottle for when I go back to work.  They are doing really well going back and forth so far!  I am so happy that our doctors have really supported my breast feeding both of them.  They were concerned about them losing too much weight at first and were thinking about having us supplement with formula but they had me nurse in the office and weighed them before and after to see how much they ate.  They both ate close to 2 ounces so they were happy with that.  Now that they aren't as sleepy they are eating about every 2 hours during the day and going a 6-7 hour stretch at night.  We go back on Monday for another weight check so I can't wait to see how much they've gained.  They have only had breast milk so far.... not a drop of formula!  And I now have around 70 ounces of milk frozen!

Such an angel!!
Such a good big sister...she always wants to be next to them.  Tori's first question in the morning is "Where are my babies?"
Lizzi sleeping again :)  I love how cute they are when they're all curled up in a ball!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Newborn Shoot-Sneak Peek

We took the twins to a local photographer for their newborn shoot when they were just 4 days old :)  We were a little worried because Tori cried through her entire photo shoot as a newborn.... well the twins did a little better but they did not want to sleep.  We were there for several hours on two different days and they peed on almost every blanket he owns but the images he got are fantastic!  Justin Harris Photography did a great job!!!!  We definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a local photographer!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daddy Appreciation

Brian went back to work yesterday and we are missing him so much!  Here are a few pictures of daddy spending time with his kiddos the past two weeks.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Two Weeks

I can't believe the twins are two weeks old already!  They are starting to be awake a little more each day and show their little personalities a little more.  Liam came down with pink eye (not sure how he got it, no one that we know has it!) and it looks awful but you'd never know he's not feeling well.  He's such a little trooper.  He loves to lay on our legs and just look around.  He barely ever makes a peep (even if he's hungry, he usually just makes little whiny sounds instead of crying).  Our little Lizzi is her big sister all over again.  Lizzi looks just like Tori did as a newborn with just a little lighter hair and different shaped eyes.  She is a little better at letting us know what she wants, which is usually to be held or fed.  She is such a little cuddler, loves to be held, and she smiles all the time in her sleep (love!).   

They are both very mellow babies and are great sleepers already!  After one week of waking them to eat every three hours around the clock we got permission to let them wake on their own at night (woo hoo!).  The pediatrician said we could let them go up to a 6 hour stretch without eating at night and most nights I still have to wake them both!  I can't wait to find out how long they will sleep when I can stop setting the alarm all together. 

Life with three kids under three has really not been as bad as we thought it would be.  You learn quickly how to pick up two babies that can't hold their own heads, and how to still manage to help your toddler up the stairs.  I've even managed to carry all three up the stairs together.  We're learning how to take care of the kid that's screaming the loudest or has the greatest need first, focusing on one problem at a time.  It hasn't happened very often yet that more than one child needed something important.  Tori has been great about being patient while I feed the twins or finish what I'm doing until she gets what she wants (if it's something trivial).  We're also learning the importance of showing the older child how much we love her and that she is such a big helper.  Play time is so much more now, it is a time to show her that not all things have changed and a way to show her positive attention. 

Brian unfortunately has to go back to work on Monday :(  I am so sad to be losing his help every day plus it was nice to spend so much time together.  I know things will be harder but we will adjust.  I am so thankful that the twins are such good sleepers because I know I will lose my daily nap!  haha.  Here are a few pictures of mommy, daddy, and the twins just hanging around the house.  Hopefully we will still have down time occasionally to just enjoy the babies and do nothing else. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time Crunch

Wow I am realizing that I have almost zero free time to post blog updates!!  Lol, I guess I was somewhat expecting to be busy but it can be hard to find time to take a shower and that's with Brian still home!  He is such a huge help!  I am nursing the twins so that is taking up most of my time right now.  They are eating for about 20-30 minutes then I have to burp both, we usually cuddle for a few minutes (I love how relaxed they are after they eat), change both diapers, occasionally change an outfit, etc.  All in all it takes about and hour and a half for the whole feeding routine so then I have another hour and a half to pick up the living room, play with or feed Tori, do laundry, feed myself, drink a rediculous amount of water so I can continue to nurse, go to the bathroom, do dishes, pump some extra milk to freeze, and on and on.  Then it all starts over again!  It will continue to get easier, especially as the twins get better at nursing.  The first week was very difficult, but after a few Dr visits and phone calls to the lactation nurse line I think we have it pretty well figured out.  I even have a nice stash of milk in the freezer.

So please don't get upset at me if you don't see posts as often as I did with Tori.  One baby was a whole other ball game   :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meeting Big Sis

Tori has been talking about the babies being born for weeks and was so excited to meet them!  She really loves them both, and tells them so daily.  :)  She loves to give them hugs and kisses and gets so upset when she doesn't know where they are.  The first thing she asks in the morning is where her babies are! 

Tori meeting baby Liam
 Meeting baby Lizzi

Baby kisses <3
Big sister even got to help with the twins first bath!  The nurses were so sweet about letting her help with as much as possible and making her feel important.
Getting their hair did!
Two clean babies!

So sweet!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Delivery Day!!!

At my 37 week appointment my doctor decided to induce since I was continuing to dilate but hadn't gone into active labor.  I had contractions most of the pregnancy (common with twins) but they never got organized on their own.  We went to St John's Hospital at 5am on Saturday Feb 4th for the induction.  They started by monitoring the babies' heart rates for around 30 minutes, drawing labs and setting up.  Then I was checked and found to be 5cm, and the pitocin was turned on around 6:30 am.  My ob arrived around 7am and ordered the epidural, and then broke Liam's water to help get things going.  I never felt labor!!  It was fabulous :)  I slept most of the morning since I was comfortable laying down for the first time in months!  Around noon my ob checked me and said we were ready to move to the OR!  They always deliver twins in the OR because the risk of an emergency c section with one or both of the babies but my Dr was very confident that we wouldn't have any issues.      
 The OR staff was still setting up when we were wheeled in, but Liam refused to wait!  They had to rush because he almost came out on his own!  It only took 1 push and it wasn't even a good one because one of the nurses made me laugh in the middle of it :) 
 William James Davis born 12:24pm weighing 6 pounds even and 19 inches long.
 We waited a couple of contractions for Lizzi to move into position and did a quick sonogram to make sure she was doing well and not stressed by the birth of her twin.  She was perfect, and 5 pushes later she came out screaming!  Elizabeth Lynn Davis was born at 12:33pm at 6 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long.
 The Davis Twins!
 Meeting Liam for the first time <3
 Meeting Lizzi for the first time <3
 Proud parents :)
We could not have asked for an easier labor and delivery!  Recovery has even been very easy!  I have my energy back, never even filled my pain meds, and am so much more comfortable now.  Both babies are in perfect health despite being twins and being 2 1/2 weeks early.  All of the doctors and nurses kept telling us during the remainder of our stay that we made it look so easy and that it was so amazing to see a twin delivery go so smoothly! 

Got my computer back!!

We had a very unfortunate accident with the power cord on my lap top the night before I went in to deliver the twins!! :(  The power cord somehow got under the couch and severed in half by one of the big metal bars.  We finally got the replacement cord so now I can finally get caught up on posts! 

Our twinies snuggling after a feeding :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Twins are Here!

Liam and Lizzie are finally here!  Everyone is safe and doing great.  More to come later!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A couple more days to go!

We found out at my 37 week appointment that our twinkies will be arriving this Saturday (if not sooner!). I am already dilated to 3cm so hopefully labor will be quick and easy. We are SO excited that they will finally be here! Tori has been asking me about them several times a day. She loves to go shopping and told me today that we needed to go shopping to get presents for the babies (not presents for her, shocker!). She woke up from her nap yesterday crying "Where is she?!?" and when I asked who she said "my baby sister!" So she must even be dreaming about them :) We've been trying to prepare her by talking about what the hospital is and that there are lots of doctors that help get the babies out.  She did get sad when I told her I would be staying there for a few days but hopefully she won't be scared when she comes to visit.  I think she is going to be a wonderful big sister!! 

I can't believe my next post will probably be from the hospital!!