Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Working on the house

We're trying to get as much work done to the house as possible before our bundle of joy comes. We took on the huge project of repainting the majority of the inside of our house, which includes a 2 story entry way, stair case, kitchen, dining room, and several hallways. We used voc-free paint so its ok for pregnant women and children to be around and its healthier for everyone since there's no chemical fumes. The project has gone fairly quickly only because we had a lot of help from family. Scott and Catherine took time out of their busy schedule while they were visiting and helped us with the entry way and stairs. My brother Jeff has been here helping every day on his Christmas break from ISU and my mom Rose painted a lot of the baseboards and trim. Thank you so much! The whole house looks so much brighter and cleaner, we love it!

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