Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its a girl!!!

Below are the sonogram pictures of our DAUGHTER!!!! :-) We decided on the name Victoria Rose for a girl years ago when we first started talking about having kids. We're going to call her Tori for short. During the sonogram they checked all her tiny little organs and everything looks great! We saw her tiny little heart up close and could see the valves opening and closing! She's actually measuring 4 days bigger than her due date, so she might be tall like her daddy. She's 14 ounces (almost a pound already!) and so adorable.

Here is our sweet baby girl's little face! It almost looks like a 3-d sonogram! We will do one of those once she's filled out a little more. You can see the her legs up straight (the long things to her sides), she was folded in half with her feet above her head the entire time! Gymnast maybe?

Its a girl!! She may hate us when she's older for posting pictures of her rump on-line for all to see, but it was such an exciting moment! She was folded up so funny that it's hard to see her legs, but the two bright white dots are her butt bones and the text is pointing right to her "goods."

The big round thing is her belly, this shot it looking up through her arms at her face. You can see her little nostrils and top lip. She was moving her mouth around a lot, the sonogram technician did a little replay to make it look like she was saying "mama."
Baby Tori playing with her toes :-) Thats her leg and little foot on top and her hand on bottom.
This shot is just to show how folded up she was. Such a cutie already! The technician was not able to get a shot of one of her kidneys because of the way she was laying so we get to have another sonogram next month! I love getting little peaks into her world.

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