Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gorgeous weekend!!

We had such a great weekend! The weather was gorgeous and we had lots of fun. On Saturday we went to the SHG-Chatham playoff football game (For those not familiar with Springfield area schools: these two schools are big rivalries. I went to SHG and Brian went to Chatham HS). SHG won 42-19 =)
We went to the St Louis Zoo on Sunday. Tori loves to pet the puppies, she really seems to enjoy touching their fur (and tugging on Jordan's ears) so we went to the Children's zoo were they can pet animals and there's lots of places to play. Tori petted a snake, guinea pig, and even an alpaca! Then we walked around the big zoo.
Yes, that is a real penguin! He was just chilling out right at the edge of his home. Brian could have touched him! The penguin cove was awesome, you can't get any closer!

We now have a thumb sucker. Its sooo cute to see her all curled up sleeping with her little thumb in her mouth. She's such an angel!!

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