Friday, April 9, 2010

Adventures at the Dinner Table

Tori is learning how to feed herself. Its so much fun to watch her experiment, but it sure is a messy process! She loves to eat graham crackers and Ritz crackers because she can hold them herself and munch on them. We're also working on learning to eat from a bowl... or at least we're trying to :) Peas, small pieces of bread, and stove top are all winners as far a squishability and dinner time fun.

Miss Independent lovin her graham crackers!How do I do this? Good thing that bowl is suctioned onto the table!Squish!Wrong side of the spoon honey.... :) But very good try!!Loving every minute of it Even the dogs love dinner time, haha. As soon as Tori hits her chair the dogs are right under her.
Working on picking up bread pieces, you can see the concentration on her face.

Tori and I went out to dinner with Nana last night, we went to the Thai Kitchen and let Miss Tori try her first Thai food. She LOVED it! I fed her dinner before we went because I didn't think she would like all the spices but she slerped down noodles with the best of them and smacking the table (her way of saying "feed me") for more! I took a cute video on my phone but Im still trying to figure out how to get it onto the computer.

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