Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tori's First Birthday Princess Party!!

We can't believe our little princess is turning one! This past year has been such a joy that we will never forget!
Princess Victoria's First Birthday Princess CakeCinderella smash cakeThe craft table. There are foam tiaras, wands, and crowns for the kids to decorate with foam stickers and markers.

All of the photo albums from the past year and Tori's baby book. The princess cupcake tree made by mommy.Girls working on decorating their tiaras and wandsPrincess Carleigh all decked out! She loved making the tiaras so much that she made one for Tori, for me, and for several other people :) Such a thoughtful girl!!Prince Fletcher playing in the ball pitThe pinata was a big hit! It was a pull-string pinata so instead of the kids hitting it, each one pulls a string until the "magic" string is pulled and the candy and toys fall out! Prince Will found the magic string!Tori crawled all over the floor and helped put candy in everyone's bags! :) Spending time with family!Spending time with friends! Princess Caylee is such a cutie!12-day old Princess Olivia!! So precious!!Princess Tori about to open her many many gifts!Our gift to the Princess, a sand pit! I had a turtle just like this when I was a kid! Getting ready for the smash cake!

What a fun day for the birthday girl!! Thank you so much everyone for all the gifts and well wishes!!

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