Monday, September 13, 2010

Bathroom done!

Thanks to my amazing husband the bathroom renovation is done! I love it!! It took a little longer than planned due to a wonderful virus we all passed around and a few technical issues we had with leaky water supply lines and the wire box for the lights being larger than the wall mount. We got it all figured out and I think it looks great!

The new fixtures are all brushed nickel and the wall color is a muted green. Here is the new light, mirror, towel rack, and faucet. New TP holder and toilet flusher (very exciting, I know!) The new faucet, isn't it beautiful!The new corner unit after it's makeover. I haven't had time to go shopping for finishing touches but the big stuff is all done :)This whole project only cost us a few hundred dollars and a few days of work. A very easy update!

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