Saturday, November 20, 2010

16 Months

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Tori needed tubes due to recurrent ear infections and persistent fluid in her ears. Her surgery was yesterday and she did great! She was a little crabby from the anesthesia but came right home and started playing. The doctor said that she developed another bad double ear infection since her last visit so just 24 hours after surgery she seems to already be in less pain. She slept for 12 hours last night and check out the video of what she did today. We were shopping for Christmas decorations and she found a singing Woody doll and apparently loved it. :)

Tori has been picking up a few words here a there this past month. She now says "Bite" whenever she wants what you're eating (or drinking) and she loves to say "baby!" repeatedly when she sees a little one or herself in the mirror. My favorite is that she now answers questions!! I can ask her if she wants to sit on the potty and she'll say "no" or "yeah" or if you take something away that she wants you hear "nanananananana." She sits on the potty a couple of times a day but doesn't quite know what she's supposed to do on it yet. She still loves to cuddle, especially when she's tired. Winter coat! She is not a big fan of the hood except to play peek-a-boo with it :)

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