Tuesday, February 8, 2011

18 Months

Tori has really been picking up words and phrases lately!  Just in the past couple of days she's started saying"night night" when we lay her down to bed, "peek-a-boo," "this is a doggie," "1,2,3, go!!!!!!!!!" (major emphasis on the go), "blankie," and "book."  Tonight she started saying "Hi Tori!" hehe, its so cute!!  She's so full of energy and a bubbly little girl!  She has us laughing all the time, what a joy to be her parents!!  I hope we have another someday just like her (except maybe a boy version that would maybe sleep a little more). 

Winter boredom buster=build a tent and tunnel village!  This has been a huge hit for the past few days!
She drags you in even if you're unwilling.  She grabs your hand and pulls until you follow her...  Love this picture, Brian in one end and Tori in the other. =)
Playing with daddy in the tunnel

She even got Daisy involved!

Look who's finally big enough to play in the McDonalds play place!  She still gets run over by the big kids and we have to go up with her but she loves it!  The last trip took somewhere around 2 hours...

Ok, this kid looooooves blueberries but she doesn't get them very often because they're such a mess so when she does she gets so excited.  We've compomised with blueberry eggos for breakfast.

Tori's new game.  She gets a blanket and lays it out on the stairs or floor or couch and arranges all her stuffies.  :)

We're so in trouble, Tori loves new clothes!  Looking at her new spring clothes kept her busy long enough to start freaking me out!
"bye bye" as she hides in the cabinet with a bag of sun chips

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