Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visit from Braden and Cole

We got to spend some time with Catherine, Braden and Cole last week!  They live in Texas so we don't get to see them as often as we'd like.  Tori and Braden always have so much fun together, and now Cole is getting big enough to get in the action.  The big kids got to play with Fizzing sidewalk paint!  The recipe made plenty for both kids with lots of leftovers!  This could entertain Tori for hours!

Brian and I decided to throw caution to the wind and take 4 kids to the STL zoo since Tori has been begging to go back.  We had the twins in a double stroller and the big kids in a wagon.... I lost track of how many people asked us if we had two sets of twins!  It was quite the undertaking, we had to stop constantly for potty breaks and snacks for the big kids, a diaper changes and bottles for the babies.  We worked it out so that half way I took the babies, fed and changed them, and pumped while Brian took the big kids on the train around the zoo, which worked out really well.  All in all it was a good trip and the kids had fun. 

Just hanging around the house we got some big smiles from Liam :)

Baby Lizzi looking so cute!

Bed time stories from Aunt Catherine

We made slime with the big kids on their last day here.  So much fun!  It took some coaxing to get miss Tori to put her hands in the bowl but Braden jumped right in!

We had a great time with all 5 kids in one house!  Looking forward to our next trip to Texas when the twins are bigger and can get in on the games too. 

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