Friday, June 29, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Tori started ballet lessons a few weeks is quite possibly the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!  She absolutely loves it!  I had her try on her leotard and tights before the classes started to make sure everything fit (and snap a few pictures of course!).  The little tiny ballet shoes, chiffon skirts and pink tights are just so sweet! 

This is the dance bag that my little princess picked out :)  Why would I expect anything less?  We had to hide it from her after the first two classes because she would bring it to us and beg to put on her dance clothes. 
Class lasts a whole hour and its her first big girl class (not a mommy-and-me class).  Its so nice being able to drop her off and run an errand, but it also makes me sad that I don't get to see everything she's learning or watch her progress in class.  Parents are not allowed to be in the room but there is a small window on the door that we can peek thru and take a few pictures.  From what we've seen they start class by reading a princess story, then stretches, a few movement exercises, some lessons, then stretches again and ending with coloring. 
 Aren't all these tiny ballerinas just soooooo stinkin cute!?!?!

After her first ballet class we took her out for a special treat.  She does great in class and gets so excited to show us what she's learning.  I signed her up for the fall session since she's enjoying it so much and we are also going to try out gymnastics in the fall!! 

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