Saturday, April 11, 2015


I am not great with sticking with things.... Home renovations, project ideas, and especially diets.  I tend to take on many things at once and don't always finish what I started. Hopefully many of you can relate!  I have not blogged in 😳 almost 2 years!  Last time I blogged there was no blogger app, no emojis to sweeten up a post and the kids were still "babies."  A lot has changed in the past 2 years and I'm not going to try to revisit everything I've missed but I will start back up fresh!  

Here is my trio now!  Tori is 5 and finishing up kindergarten and the twins are 3 and in the preschool room in day care.  These moments are few and far between but they are what I will miss the most when these three get big and are too cool to cuddle together. 💕 

(Lizzi refused to take a paci as a baby but all of a sudden at age 3 she wants to use her baby doll's pacifier.  It's not even a real one, it has a short hard stick like piece that goes in the doll's mouth.  It's well hidden now so hopefully that little phase is over!)

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