Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4 weeks old

This past month has been so full of wonderful experiences and so many "firsts." Tori has changed so much already! She is starting to play for a few minutes at a time. She is completely enamored with rattles! She has been spending time in the play gym that she borrowed from cousin Braden. She usually stares at the toy monkey so I have started putting her hand around its leg and she LOVES it! She cries when its time to let go :-)

Tori had her first bath from Nana Rose and honorary grandma Debbie. She loves bathtime, she sprawls out in the warm water and get such a relaxed look on her face. We are so looking forward to when she's old enough to play in the tub.

It's also Illinois State Fair time! We took Tori over the weekend. We did a little walking around tents, watched the high dive show, ate fair food, and spent some time at "The Wine Experience." We have been trying to spend a little time outside every day. When its not too hot out Victoria loves to sleep in the sun and swing on the jungle gym in the back yard. She loves being outside.

We can't wait to see how much she will change and grow in the next 4 weeks! She is such a great baby, I couldn't imagine life without her!!

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