Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miss Independent

Tori had quite the week. She stayed at Grandma Pam's for a couple of hours on Tuesday so Brian and I could go out to dinner alone for my birthday then Saturday night Nana Rose stayed at our house and watched her overnight. It is still hard to leave her but we really appreciate the alone time and some quality sleep!

My little stinker is trying to stand already :-) I just can't believe how strong she is. She's not even six weeks old yet and she has such good head control and can even bear her weight on her legs. She already loves to be thrown around and "fly" around the room, she smiles and coos a little when Brian throws her in the air.

Who needs a pony when you have Jordan! Daisy (our other pug) is still not quite sure what to think of the new addition to the family but Jordan has really taken to the baby, she loves to sleep right next to her. I'm sure they'll be good friends when she gets old enough to play.

Tori is starting to get a little better about letting me put her down during the day, she loves to sleep in her sweet peace. Don't get me wrong, I love holding her, but it is nice to be able to get a few things done while she naps.

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