Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicago ~ Navy Pier

We spent our last day at Navy Pier. When we first got there it was so foggy and cold, we were so worried that we hadn't brought warmer clothes but it ended up being a beautiful day. We started with a spin on the giant ferris wheel. At the top we were surrounded by fog, we couldn't even see the buildings!
We walked around the indoor attractions for a while hoping that the fog would lift. The Crystal Gardens are located in a huge greenhouse on the pier.
This is kind of a funny story. Just after running up to touch the water, this sneaky fountain started squirting from the ground! It almost got me! Then of course we had to play in it and try to jump through the water. We stood around for a while and laughed as the same thing happened to several other people.

I took Tori on her first carousel ride.

All of a sudden the fog lifted and it was nice and sunny and warm! So we decided to end our day with a short boat ride around the harbor. The Chicago skyline in beautiful!!

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