Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tori stew and jumparoo

Brian and I were goofing off while we were making dinner a few days ago and we were curious if Tori would fit in one of my big pots. Well she did and she didn't seem to mind being in it so we snapped some pictures. As you can see, Tori is definitely in the "everything goes in my mouth stage," she tries to cram her entire fist into her mouth and one of her favorite things to gum on is daddy's hand. Every toy and blanket goes in her mouth and she's been drooling a lot more the past few days also so we think she may be starting teething (uhg).
Tori now enjoys playing in her jumparoo, she can't reach the floor yet even on the lowest setting so we put some books under her and she just loves it. She loves to "stand" and dance so we thought she might be ready for the jumper. We put different toys within her reach and she stays entertained around 15 minutes. She loves knocking the toys off of the jumper then stares at the place where it was like "where did my toy go?" :P

Happy note: Tori has been in bed around 8:30 for the past few days. Staying asleep is another matter though (its 4am and she is wide awake staring at the computer screen as I'm typing). She is definitely not sleeping through the night yet but shes been making such good progress. I am so amazed at the difference the past week.

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