Monday, May 3, 2010

Trip to the Magic House

Here are a few pictures from the Magic House in St Louis. They were renovating the Magic House the last few years that we were living there so we wanted to see what had changed. They added a ton but still have all the exibits I remember from when I was a kid.They have a new "giant beanstalk" for kids to climb on. Tori loved it, she's been climbing the stairs the past few weeks and she took right to climbing up the leaves of the beanstalk.Playing with blocks in the toddler area.
Uncle Jeff! Finally putting all that hair to good use.
Blowing bubbles with daddy in the bubble room.
Thay had a whole exibit where you dress up like characters from Tom Sawyer. I think Brian may have enjoyed this one more than Tori :)
Oh no! Four Tori's!!!!
They also had a rooms where kids dress up and act like they're working. There was a Schnucks, a pizzaria, a library, a bank, and even the oval office!

The Magic House was full of fun places to play in and hide, I'm sure Tori will really love it in a few years.

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