Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 months

Little Miss Tori has made huge strides in starting to talk in the past month. After spending a week with Braden she picked up saying "Uh-Oh." It's SOOO cute and she knows to say it when she drops (or throws) something. She also says something that sounds like "daddy" and sometimes when you ask her a question she answers "yeah." She has also been saying "er-ul" and we think she's trying to say turtle (Braden's favorite word). She started waving to everyone and gets such a big smile on her face when they wave back. She also LOVES to dance. I'm working on editing a video of her dancing to post, she bobs her head to the music and sometimes shakes her tush while she's in the crawling position when she hears a song she likes. :) She has learned how to blow with her tongue out to make a tooting sound and she does that pretty frequently now. She's such a happy girl and is always giggling and smiling. She brings so much joy to our family! We love her so much!!

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