Tuesday, June 22, 2010

11 Months

Tori is at such a cute age! She imitates everything we do! She loves to steal my toothbrush and help me brush my teeth and she grabs my makeup brush and brushes her own face with it. One of the cutest things she does right now is when she's playing with a phone she holds it up to her ear and says "heh-oh" (it sounds like hello without the "ll" sound). She is contently playing and moving. She's even WALKING! Yes, that right! She started really taking steps on her own last week. Yesterday she walked 6 feet before she fell. She can stand up by herself without pulling up on anything and just starts taking steps! I haven't gotten a good video yet because she's teething really bad (getting her bottom two molars at the same time) and has a cold so she's been pretty crabby the past couple of days and just want to be held most of the time. Over the past month she has been walking around the house alot using push toys to help her. She has decided now though, that she likes to climb into the hippo and be pushed around by mom and dad :) I don't think this toy was designed for this, but the hippo's ears make a great place for her to hold on with her little hands. Tori is also learning how to color all by herself (the crayon maybe upside down but it still works). Before it took alot of coaxing to get her to make marks on a paper.We were taking pictures in the back yard to use for her birthday party invitation and she decided she wanted to play on the gym set (hence the tutu). She loves to climb so this is perfect! She crawled over to the slide, pulled herself into the bottom of it, and started crawling up to the top! She actually made it all the way up by herself! (with mom and dad watching closely of course!). I think the tutu makes these pictures super cute!!
I can't believe we're already planning her first birthday party!! She's getting so big!!

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