Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We had a great father's day today. We spent the day in St Louis and went to the Cardinals game. Tori got Brian a special #1 dad shirt to wear on his first father's day. Not only did we go to the game for Father's day but it was Tori's first game. Brian has really been looking forward to taking her to a ball game. It was 98 degrees outside but she did fantastic! We invited my mom and Jeff along too. The tickets we had were great, thank you so much Jim! We feel like we had the best seats in the house since it was so hot out and our section was completely in the shade and there was a large air conditioned area behind our seats. I am so glad we got to do something that Brian loves on father's day. He deserves the best because he's the best dad!!

Brian had a mini-bat made to commemorate Tori's first game! He says its the start of her Cardinals collection :) He's such a great daddy! Unfortunately we lost the game but it was close and we had a great time.

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