Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

The Lego FamilyWe painted pumkins on Saturday instead of carving so Tori could decorate her own. My artists :) Good thing we used washable paint for Tori's pumpkin! She knew just what to do so soon as we put the paint in front of her!Grandma Pam with her super cute Mickey Mouse pumpkin (the ears are little pumpkins!)All the finished pumpkins. Brian made the Rams Symbol this year and I made a scare crow.Saturday evening Gpa Jim and Gma Gina stopped by with the kids in their costumes. Getting three kids to stand still with costumes on was much more of a challenge than we anticipated!Sunday afternoon we went to the Illinois state museum for their halloween event. We explored a bat cave, touched a bug, and got lots of stickers and pencils! Tori also made a pet spider!We ended the weekend with a little trick-or-treating at the neighbor's houses! What a great weekend!

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