Tuesday, October 5, 2010

14 1/2 Months

Miss Tori LOVES bath time. Brian was filling the tub the other night and she climbed in clothes and all! Bubbles baths are the best :)

She's working on putting her own shoes on! Now if only she'd keep them on...
My little dare devil. She runs to the slide and jumps on it head first!Tori had a nasty cold (yes, again) for about a week. Shes such a good medicine taker and loves the way it tastes. She pulled a medicine bottle and syringe out of her baby bag and tried to do it herself. Future pharmacist?Noodle stash!
Eating off a plate like a big girl! (Most of this food ended up on the floor, but she did all the work herself!)

Tori is becoming very independent. She doesn't even want to hold our hands when she walks anymore unless shes going up or down stairs. She definitely knows what she wants. She's getting such a personality. She laughs randomly, especially when she's in her car seat, and she still eats just about everything we give her. She may chew for a second, pull it out of her mouth, look at it, and put it back in her mouth but she usually eats it. She loves music and loves to dance, clap, and stomp her feet. She's so much fun!

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