Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brian's Birthday Trip to Chicago

On Brian's birthday he got a home-made STL baseball cake, but I think Tori may have enjoyed it the most :)
Then a few days later we left for Chicago!  Brian's big gift was tickets to a Cubs vs Cards game at Wrigley field.  He's never been there before and we have started a little tradition to going to a different stadium every year so he was pretty stoked about the game. 
Tori is becoming such a little baseball fan.  When we walked into the stadium and she saw the field she started bouncing all over the place and knew exactly what we were there to see.  She does great at games, she actually watches the game and dances to the music. 
Playing with daddy by the field.

We asked an employee to take a picture of our family....and this is what we got :)  Oh well at least we got a picture together....
The stadium
Across the street from the stadium the buildings have bleachers on the roof and they sell "tickets" to watch the weird!
Another shot of the stadium.
Then the next day we took Tori to Sesame Street Live!!!
<3 Elmo!
What a show!  When Elmo came out on stage, all the kids (of course including Tori) freaked out!
Learning how to do the hula!  All the kids were dancing and yelling, its was super cute!
Tori dancing the hula
Tori gave Elmo a hug before we left :)
One pooped kiddo!
On to Legoland!! 
Who wouldn't love a Lego-Einstein?
The Lego Jungle was awesome!  Tori freaked when she saw the monkey!
Scary gator!
Yes folks, that's my husband!  ha ha, he's really just a big kid in an adult body.
They has lots of tables where you can build Lego cars and race them.
Brian asked me to post this picture :)  There was a play area and Tori did great climbing all the way to the top but panicked and wouldn't go down the mama to the rescue!
Playing with the giant squishy Lego's.  Brian built a fort around Tori!
Brian as a Lego man.....
Nerd alert!!  Lego's and Star Wars go together like pb and jelly!
I knew my munchkin would love the activities we had planned for a mini-vacation but what I wasn't expecting was how much she would love the hotel pool.
This summer is going to be so much fun!!!  Tori has such a personality and does so great with traveling.  Our big summer vacation in coming up in a few weeks and we can't wait!! 

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