Friday, April 29, 2011

Playin' in the Dirt

I love that Tori is finally in the "helping"phase!  She wants to do everything that her daddy and I do, and for the most part we let her experiment with most activities even if it means her "helping" will double time it takes to complete.  She loves to help me cook, especially stirring and adding seasonings.  She will whine and cry while Im making dinner until I pick her up and put her on the counter or let her stand on a chair and help.  She "helps" me put on my make-up, brush my hair, and put on my shoes in the morning. 

One of my favorite things in life is to share the things I love with my daughter and today was one of those days.  Every year I look forward all winter to getting outside and planting flowers!  I figured Tori would run around the backyard and play while I got some work done in the garden and planters.  I should have known she would want to "help" but I had no idea she would actually help!  She helped make the holes, put the flowers in, and patted the dirt down.  I think I loved it just as much as she did! :)

"Helping" daddy mow the back yard.  [I should warn you, these pictures and video were taken on my iphone so they're a little over-exposed and blurry.]
 Filling the flower pots with dirt all by herself!
 Such a big girl!

We found a worm and she was very interested to watch it wiggle around in my hand but as soon as I put it in her bare hand she screamed and dropped it.  :) 
 One of the finished baskets!
 Window boxes and hanging baskets are all ready to grow like crazy for a beautiful display this summer.
A short video of Tori helping plant flowers.
I am so glad she had so much fun because I found a great sale on flowers and bought way too many!!  I could definitely use her help planting them all!

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