Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its a ......... and a .............!!!!

Well we weren't expecting to find out the genders of the babies this early but they did a sonogram at my 16 week appointment to check on them twinkies and the sonogram tech did a gender determination too!  Brian didn't come to the appointment since we weren't expecting a scan so she had me hide my eyes while she labeled the pictures and put the in a sealed envelope so I could take it to Brian at lunch and we could find out together. 

Baby A is now on my lower left side, head down (such a good baby!) and in great position!  Definitely a girl!!

Baby B is on the right side of my tummy higher up and head up but the tech got a great view of her tush and definitely another girl!!!
Well we were definitely not expecting to have three little princesses but we couldn't be happier or more excited!  Time to go shopping for more pink!!!

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