Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nursery Progress

Well we've made a lot of progress on the twins nursery!  Excuse the fuzzy pictures, they're all taken on my phone but at least its a preview.  We are keeping Tori in the same room since it is the smaller room and the twins will be sharing.  Their room is a good sized kids room with a walk-in closet for all their clothes.  The room was originally purple.  We painted the whole room orange then added a fuscha stripe.  I used a paint pen to make the circles (matches one of the prints in the bedding). 
 We've only bought one crib so far but we got it put together and decided how we will arrange the furniture.  Here's one crib with the bedding in the room.  Its starting to look like a nursery, but we still have a long way to go.
 Ok, so this is a super blurry picture but it is such a cute story.  Tori likes to have all of her stuffies at the foot of her bed but the other night she threw them all on the floor to play with them.  We left them when we turned out the lights and put her down to sleep.  She didn't fuss about the animals at all and just said her normal good nights and I love you's.  After we left she must have climbed out of bed and put them all back on the bed and arranged them all around her.  We went in the check on her before we went to bed ourselves and this is what we found. :)

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