Monday, October 24, 2011

Crafty Mommy Weekend

Ok, so yes I'm very behind on posting.....but hello, we're not only getting ready for one new baby but two new babies! So any way, one of the many reasons why I haven't posted in a while is I've gotten into craft project mode! We asked Brian's brother, Scott, to draw some monkeys that match our nursery bedding on the walls of the babies' room. We're completely done painting the three monkeys and just need some finishing touches before I post pictures of the twin's nursery. So biggest project is done! yay! The next project I started was to start making some hair bows and hair clips for Tori's bangs that are growing out and some for baby Elizabeth. They're so much fun to make! The type I enjoy the most are the flower clippies but I am trying to work more with the boutique bows, so maybe those will become less frustrating and more fun as I get better at making them.  Here are a few...

 So after making several hair clips I started to realize that I have no where to store them..... and so another craft project began!  I made each girl a hair bow holder!  The only thing still missing on them is I want Brian to get some small hooks the next time he's at the hardware store to put at the bottom of each holder for headbands and pony tail holders.  Very easy project and each holder only cost about $5 to make!  Feel free to ask if you want the super easy directions!  These were the first clips that I made....Tori's holder is filling up fast!

My favorite bow so far....Cardinals baseball :)

The last project of the weekend.... the twin's nursery letters!  They're finally done also!  We let Tori paint Liam's letters all by herself then we just went over them to make the brush strokes a little nicer.  She loves crafts, especially painting, so she did a great job making the letters blue.  Can't wait to get them on the walls and go shopping for the final pieces for their room. 

I tried to use this project to talk to her more about having a baby brother and sister but she still doesn't seem to understand what's going to happen in a few months.  She will tell me that the bottles and baby clothes are for the babies but doesn't seem to understand that we're actually bringing two home soon.... boy will that be a shock for her!  She loves to be our big helper so we're hoping that by having her help do everything with the twins that she won't become jealous and that she will fall into the big sister role easily but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!  Only 11 weeks until my goal (per the ob) of 34 weeks!

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