Sunday, October 9, 2011

So they were's a BOY!

So we went to the Doctor for my 20-week sonogram and had an hour scheduled for the anatomical ultrasound of both babies.  Brian took the morning off work since he has missed many of the sonograms.  The sonogram tech was checking baby A from head to toe and when we got the "goods" SHE HAD GROWN BOY PARTS!!!  The tech knew we had been told we were having two girls so she checked from several different angles and showed us about 10 views all of which were conclusively BOY!  Brian was SO excited when she told us that the first sonogram was wrong!  We don't even mind that we've done some shopping and the nursery is almost finished!  Brian is so excited to be getting his boy :) We're also very happy that both babies are very healthy, everything looks perfect with them, and that my body seems to be handling the twin pregnancy well.  No talk of bed rest yet!  The doctor said it may become a reality the closer I get to 30 weeks but for now I can continue with any activity that I am comfortable with including continuing to work.  I have been worried about being forced to leave work earlier than planned but we're still hoping I will make it to mid December.  We were also very happy that both babies are measuring big for their gestational age.  Our boy is estimated at 12 ounces and laying head down and our girl is at 14 ounces (almost a week ahead!) and laying vertex across my diaphragm.  We couldn't have been happier with the appointment!  Now we just have to figure out how we're going to work some blue into the nursery and do some shopping for baby boy clothes!!  :)

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