Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

This year we took a trip to a local Christmas tree farm to look for our tree.  We thought this would be fun for Tori but she ended up being pretty grumpy until we got to the petting zoo :)

Tori loved the goats and the pony!  She has no fear of animals and loves to get up close to them.  She petted them until it was too dark to see any more!
 She loved the pony!
 We got to make ornaments out of the tree stump slice and some stamps and ribbon.  The perfect craft for a toddler since it didn't take long to complete.
 Tori with her ornament and our hot cocoa and popcorn.
 The tree farm was a fun little outing that we will most likely do again next year with all three kiddos!

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