Wednesday, October 3, 2012

August catch-up

We managed to lose our laptop, it died painlessly of a corroded hard drive.  Apparently three year olds can a hard on computers :)  We were letting Tori watch movies on the computer when Brian wanted to watch a game and it was getting moved around too much.  Luckily the guys at the computer store were able to get all my data backed up onto an external hard drive.  No gonna lie, I panicked!  I hadn't backed up ANY of the twins baby pictures!!  I would have only had the low quality pictures uploaded to facebook.  Learn your lesson from me, back up your data!!!

So a quick August recap.  The twins both started saying their first "words", Lizzi said "baba" first and then Liam started with "dada" which made Brian one proud father!  Liam also started crawling a few days ago!!!  Oh no!!!  :)  Lizzi can roll to get self where she wants to go but she is also VERY close to crawling.  

 Lizzi also got her ears pierced!!!  We had Tori's done at this age also and it went very well.  They're young enough that they sort of forget that their ears hurt after a few seconds and they don't mess with them while they're healing.  I remember going to get mine done when I was around 5 years old and it was such an ordeal!

 Pretty girl got her first sucker after she got her ears done!  They look so cute on her!
 The babies are starting to fight over toys.....we may as well get used to it right?  They don' seem to get upset yet when a toy is taken from them, but they do always seem to want what their sibling is playing with.  I see many battles in our future!

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