Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall = fun times!

Our family has always loved road trips, fun family outings, spending time outdoors, and spending time together.  This is the main reason we love fall so much.  It seems like there are so many fun events each fall, filling our weekends with smiles and fun times right up to the big holidays!  As much as I love fall and don't want to fast forward even one minute (our babies are growing up SO fast!) I can not wait until Christmas time!!  

My absolute favorite time to photograph is FALL!!  I love the colors, the light seems gentler, and the temperatures are so mild.  I LOVE the way that our pictures turned out this year!!  I could't ask for any better cooperation from three such young kids!  I love the real smiles and that their little personalities shine thru!  These three are my whole world, and I love having pictures of them all together!

We went to Bomke's Patch to pick out our pumpkins this year, and it was actually really fun!  I was just expecting pumpkins but they had games, crafts, a big slide, petting zoo, and hay rack rides.  We didn't even get to do everything bc we hadn't planned on staying that long and the babies were getting hungry.  Tori cried when we left which always makes me feel so guilty because she doesn't get the upset very often.

Even with our crazy lives we love taking time out to spend together.  We try to avoid using the babies as an excuse to not get out, yes of course its more difficult with two infants and a toddler but we can still do almost everything with a little planing before hand.

These two have turned our world upside down but it is definitely for the better!  We are looking forward to lots of fun family outings this fall and many more to come!

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