Saturday, March 27, 2010

~Happy Easter~

We celebrated Easter today since I have to work next weekend. Brian got up early and hid eggs for Tori to find :) We came downstairs to a little surprise Easter egg hunt! Tori found her first Easter egg!! She's been very grabby lately so the hunt was perfect!! She did great getting all the eggs, as soon as she saw one she would go for it.This basket is still empty! There's still more eggs to find!Found egg number 2! This one was a little difficult for Tori to get but after a few minutes of trying she finally got it!She's doing so great pulling up and standing, she even started letting go for a few seconds at a time yesterday!!! She looks around so proud standing by herself then after a few seconds she starts to panic and look for something to grab, its so cute to watch her.Found another egg!! After a little nap and an outfit change the hunt was back on!After the hunt she got her basket full of toys :)Then we spent the rest of the day playing with bunnies and plastic eggs.

My baby Easter bunny!!!! Soooo stinkin cute!!!

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