Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome spring!

Yay for spring finally arriving!!! Today was beautiful so we spent the majority of the day outdoors soaking up some sun shine. Tori is getting such a personality and definitely lets you know what she wants. She loves swinging, she smiles the whole time. She even starts to kick her legs and babble as soon as we start walking toward the swing set.
We played on the main part of the play place for the first time today. She loved spinning the tic tac toe pieces.Warning: some flowers were harmed in the making of this photograph :)We went for lots of trips around the backyard in her car. Many were courtesy of some older neighborhood kiddos. Its always so amazing in the spring to see how much they have all grown!To make spring official we even got matching pedicures (by mommy of course!). Then we finished off the day with a nice long run with daddy and Tori in the jogging stroller.
What a perfect day! Having Tori in our lives changes every season so much! I used to love spring because it meant I could be out in the garden working and enjoying all the flowers. Now I love it for everything we were able to do outside today as a family :)

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