Thursday, March 25, 2010

8 months old

Tori has changed SO much in the past few months. Since January she has cut 6 teeth, had 2 ear infections, thrush, roseola, and is just getting over a nasty little cold. Sleep has been a commodity lately but we're finally back on schedule, now if we can just stay healthy for a little bit. Tori is crawling all over the place, she loves to chase the dogs, dump over buckets of toys, and play in the dog bowls. She's pulling up on everything she can reach, especially her toy table. We're having trouble giving her baths right now because she keeps trying to pull herself up on the side of the tub and gets upset when she slips back into the water. She still loves to eat, and she's doing really well eating big girl foods. She gets upset if you eat something and don't share with her :) She is already in love with shoes (we're so in trouble!). She will crawl down the hallway if she sees a pair on shoes on the floor to play with them and into my closet to pull all my shoes off of the shoe racks. As you can see from the above picture one of the pugs (Jordan) loves Tori and is always right next to her, the other pug (Daisy) is a little less in love with Tori but they get along. Tori loves watching them play and giggles at them constatly. It won't be long before she's running after them and drving them crazy!

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