Friday, January 28, 2011

Kitchen Reno Befores

Here are the befores of our kitchen.  The house is about 12 years old and ready for an update!  The white appliances are starting to slowly fall apart and the countertops are ready for an upgrade.  We already added the pendant lights over the island.

 We have already replaced 3 of the 4 appliances and the stove is on its way!  So next week we'll have all stainless steel appliances.  We got an awesome deal on them and that allowed us to do this ealier than planned!  We spent some time at US Marble and Granite today and picked out the rest of our kitchen.

Here is a cabinet drawer and the accent tile with the granite slab we chose.  Isn't it gorgeous!!!!
This one shows our floor tile also.
This is the main tile for the backsplash.  It is tumbled travertine that has some light browns and grays that really go well with the stainless and the granite.  We are doing 3x3 accents in the brown glass tiles throughout the backsplash.
The tile backspalsh and our faucet (minue the stripe)
 The undermount sink.
 Travertine and accent tiles with the faucet.
 Our slab!!
 Accent tiles close up
I'll post pictures once its complete!  The granite only takes about 2 weeks so we're hoping to have everything in place before we go on vacation the end of next month.  We're so excited to see it all finished!  We really feel like this will add alot of value to our house and that this will make for a much quicker sale of our home once we decide to do so!  And of course this will allow us to enjoy it for a few years too :)

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