Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Warning: Massive Christmas Post!!!!  We had a fantastic Christmas, well actually several fantastic Christmas celebrations!!  There are SOOOOO many pictures and here a just a few.

Christmas morning at our house

Dancing in her Twinkle Toes light-up shoes to make them light up
Santa brought Tori a tricycle!!  It's too big now but she still looks super cute on it!!
Big suprise to all, it's too small for Brian :)

This disaster after Christmas morning is a beautiful thing :)
Daddy made a wonderful breakfast for us all!
Yes, he is making scrambled eggs in a wok :)
Tori's baby going for a ride in the shopping cart
Nana worn out after opening so many gifts!
The Davis Christmas!

4 generations!  Brian and Tori with Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Marian
Great Grandma sharing her candy

The Simpson Christmas was postponed because Brian's mom Pam was sick with the flu-bug.  We had a great time but my camera was set on manual focus and we didn't realize it until everything was almost over.  Sorry about the blurry photos! 
A couple of shots of Tori playing with her toys.  There were soooo many wonderful gifts, too many to show all of them.  But I promise you, she is playing with and loves them all! 

Thank you so much to everyone who goes through so much work each year to make Christmas special! And of course, we must remember the reason for the season, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Next year we're going to have a birthday cake for baby Jesus to help Tori understand why we celebrate.  There is nothing like this holiday, the fun times, family, giving, and cherishing time together.
  Merry Christmas!!

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