Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 Week Sonogram

Here are a few pictures of the twins!  We've been getting weekly sonograms at the specialist and everything is looking great.  Both babies are growing right on schedule and have great heart rates (162 and 174 this week).  They're both about 1.9 inches long which is right where they should be.  Each baby is in their own sack with individual placentas (known as di-di twins) which is the least risky and means they're likely fraternal (which we expected due to the fertility meds).  The due date is Feb 21st but they will likely be born the end of Jan or early Feb.  Twins tend to be born around 36 to 37 weeks instead of the typical 40 weeks for a singleton. 

We have one more visit with the specialist is a couple of days then we're officially released to the ob!  I will likely be followed very closely since twin pregnancies are considered high risk and are more likely to have complications.  These babies will have even more sonograms than Tori did (we have an album full of sono pics of her!) so we will have lots of pictures to post soon!

Baby B was head down and moving the entire time!  You can see little arms in the picture.
 Second shot of baby B.  You can see umbilical cord and legs also.

Here is baby a.  This one is turned sideways, head is on the left.  You can see the long umbilical cord and its legs.
 Second shot of baby a.  You can see an eye, arms, hands, and both legs in this picture!  If you look closely just to the left of the baby's head you can see baby b's feet! :)  So tiny!
 Yes, I'm already showing.....  I was noticing my pants were tight on vacation before we even knew we were pregnant, but just thought it was bloating from the medications.  Turns out I had two large ovarian cysts that made me look preggo right from the start.  Now since the cysts are getting smaller and the babies are getting bigger I feel like what you're seeing now is actually baby bump.

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