Sunday, July 3, 2011

Silly Munchkin

We just love this age so much!!  Tori is doing something new and fun every time we turn around.  She still loves to sing and dance, but now she knows a few songs and sings them constantly.  Her favorites are "Twinkle Twinkle," "The ABC's," and "Ring Around the Rosie."  She is so fun-spirited and such a little bundle of joy.  She talks constantly, some of which we still don't understand what she's saying, but for the most part she is talking pretty well.  Its so nice being able to have a conversation with her!  She is our little cuddle bug, she asks for hugs all the time (and gives the best hugs!!) and tells us she "lubs" us :)

Out little girl now wants to be a princess!  She loves anything princess and anything grown-up.  She loves necklaces, make-up, and dresses.  She usually puts on some eye shadow with me in the mornings, but this morning she found a mini foundation and a mini lipstick and had a ball!   

 I just love messy munchkin pictures!  Daddy made some chocolate chip cookies for his favorite girl.

Hehe, she now says "cheese" and smiles when I'm taking pictures!  Tori is our big helper and loves to help wipe down the furniture with a squirt bottle and rag.  She's so professional about it, I just can't help but laugh.

I can't believe we are planning her second birthday already!!  It seems like just yesterday she was born and couldn't even hold her head up.  I can't even imagine what she will be like a year from now!

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