Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Announcement!!!!

Hello friends and family!!  We have very exciting news to share (that is if my mother hasn't already told you.... haha).  We found out the day after we returned from vacation that we're PREGNANT!!!!  The journey to this pregnancy was a difficult one.  We sought the help of a fertility specialist after a year of trying for number one, and after just a couple of months on clomid we were blessed with our daughter.  I was very happy to have an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy and labor.  Well this time has been a little more difficult.  After 5 months of the same treatment nothing has happened so we decided together with our doctor to move on to injections.  We were sidetracked by a large ovarian cyst for a few weeks then I gave myself a shot every night for about 2 weeks and found out we had 3 eggs growing.  Brian had to give me a big shot in my hip to release the eggs (he did great, honestly it hurt less than when the nurses give it!).  Then we left for vacation and came back to a big beautiful blue plus sign!!! :)  I had blood work done to confirm and we found out our numbers were very high.  With Tori my level was 78, but this time they came back at 350 and climbed rapidly!  We went in for our sonogram 2 weeks later and found out we're expecting TWINS!!!!!  They both look perfect, each with a tiny but strong heartbeat!  We are so excited and couldn't wait to share the news!!

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