Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still going strong

I had a follow-up appointment on Friday and they did a biophysical profile to check to make sure the babies are still doing ok.  They both passed with flying colors.  They did not remeasure them, so we're still not sure if the weights were correct or not but both babies are getting the blood and nutrients they need to keep growing.  My Dr was still on vacation so the Dr that was covering just asked and I had any questions and told me to come back Tuesday for my normal weekly appointment with my own physician.  I'm hoping we will finally get an induction date at this appointment since the twins will be considered full term on Tuesday!  The picture above is from today (36 1/2 weeks).  I'm HUGE!!!  haha.  I don't fit my clothes, I don't fit behind the wheel of my van, we went out to dinner last night and I just barely squeezed into the booth.  I'm definitely ready to hold my babies and get back to my normal self.  Sometime in the next two weeks we should be meeting our little ones and we can't wait!!

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