Monday, July 13, 2009

39 Week Appointment

I can't believe we have less than a week to go!! I'm still only one cm dilated but doc says her noggin is really low and I've thinned a lot so a little progress but not quite ready yet. Brian and I have been walking, eating spicy food, and doing all the things they say help but nothing yet. We went ahead and scheduled a sonogram for next Monday to check her out and make sure it is safe to continue the pregnancy and scheduled an induction at the hospital on July 25th (next Saturday!) just in case she hasn't decided to arrive yet. Everything is still looking great, no swelling, my blood pressure is great, and I'm not terribly unconfortable so I am going to continue to work the rest of this week and the begining of next (yes, past my due date, uhg). I want to have as much time with the baby as possible and I think I would be bored just sitting around the house waiting for her. Hopefully she will decide to come before then but it's so nice to know there is an end and that its not far away. Less than two weeks until we're holding Tori in our arms!

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