Tuesday, December 28, 2010

17 Months

I'm a little late but I like to give an update on how Tori's changing every month.  She's still doing great with the tubes, we've only been to the doctor for healthy checkups since she got them!  Yay!!!  We spent most of last winter at the Dr's office for sick visits, ear infection re-checks, or to get a different antibiotic.  Her favorite word right now is "shoe."  She's not a huge fan of pants but loves to run around in a shirt with socks and shoes.  She now has an opinion about everything!  From what she wants to wear, to what shoes, to what to eat, and she gets very upset when she doesn't get her way!

Tori was so excited to get to spend a morning with Judson!  He is the son of my best friend growing up, Heather, who has spent the last 3 years as a missionary overseas.  The last time we got to see each other we were both very pregnant!  They did a good job playing next to each other, but sharing was a challenge. :)  Tori did enjoy pushing him in her little pink car.
My silly girl!

 One of Tori's new pretend games it to pack up any bag she can find, throw it over her should, wave, say goodbye, and walk out of the room.  :) 

 She loves bath time more and more!

Sledding at Pasfield golf course.  We stuck to the kiddie hills but you can still pick up some serious speed!  We look a little goofy but we stayed toasty with lots of layers and hot cocoa waiting in the car. Tori really seemed to enjoy going down hills this year instead of just being pulled around the yard!

 Tori's best friends sitting just outside of the bathroom while Tori is in the tub.  They follow her around all day long (usually because she's always carrying around snacks of some kind and dropping pieces on the floor).  She yells "Daisy!" at least every hour to get her attention to play or give her a treat.

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