Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Rams!

We went to the Rams game over the weekend with Miss Tori, Uncle Jeff, and Bob.  We weren't sure how Tori would do with all the noise and chaos but she LOVED it!  She danced every time they played music and she sat and actually watched most of the game!!  We had great seats, we were right behind the field goal just 7 rows back.  Every time they kicked a field goal I flinched :)  We had a great time, the only damper was that we, of course, lost.  Tori's streak continues, we've yet to win a game she's been to (Cardinals or Rams). 

Cutest Rams fan ever!
Look how close they are!  (no telephoto lens here)
  What is it with boys and football? 

Eating popcorn and feeding mom and dad :)
If you don't know my husband well, he has to touch everything.  Here he's touching the pads on the side of the field.
A few seconds later I look over and Tori's touching the pads :) 
We had a great time!!  GO RAMS!!!

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